World Grid Lab
Marlon Barrios Solano
4-7 November 2010, 12:00-17:00, Sanat Limanı

World Grid Lab
Marlon Solanas
4-7 November 2010, 12:00-17:00, Sanat Limanı
WorldGridLab (WGL) is an itinerant open studio/workshop/installation conceived specially to transform a festival hub (deployed in a gallery space, the theater lobby or social space) into an interactive lab for experiments on the use of new internet technologies (Web 2.0) and digital storytelling within the context of an art event and with global impact. The potential of web technologies such as social networking, video vlogging, micro-blogging, geo-tagging, media mapping and live video broadcasting is explored for information and knowledge production and distribution.

The participants of the WGL become a dynamic social media production team covering the event with the most up to date internet technologies and collaborative strategies. Simultaneously, increases the digital literacy of the participants and benefits from their participation and engagement. With this sustainable exchange, the participants are trained to leverage the power of social media production for audience development and internet positioning of the venues, artists and the art form.

To participate to the Lab a basic knowledge of  internet and media might be useful but not compulsory. To participate please mail to with the subject “WGL Lab”.

Video Mapping Lab
Martin Boverhof and Koen van Lier (Born Digital, NL) in collaboration with Hüseyin Kuru (TR) and Notabene (TR)
7-12 Kasım 2010, 12:00 -17:00 Sanat Limanı

How can we interact in playful and meaningful ways with our environment when this becomes more and more occupied by screen media, mobile technology and illuminated displays or facades? Instead of utilizing urban media for commercial or general information interests (weather reports, news headlines etc.), we ask what artistic concepts we can invent to challenge the design of our future environment, with a fresh aesthetic approach. Instead of simply using the physical urban area as a screen (i.e. by projection onto it), we ask how to extend the architecture and environment to make meaningful interfaces which facilitate playful interaction between the places we live in and the spaces we imagine. In the video mapping lab the Utrecht (NL) based Born Digital new media art assembly and a versatile group of visual artists, media designers and programmers work together and experiment with video projections on objects and buildings creating lively animated media facades and augmented sculptures. The outcomes of the lab are shown during the Mapping Night at BalansBrau.

To participate to the Lab a basic knowledge and some experience is required. To participate please mail to with the subject “Video Mapping Lab”.

VVVVPlatform for “Datacity” Visualizations Workshop
9-10 November 2010,11:00-18:00, Sanat Limanı

VVVV is a toolkit for real time video synthesis. It is designed to facilitate the handling of large media environments with physical interfaces, real-time motion graphics, audio and video that can interact with many users simultaneously. During the workshop we will discover possibilities of this powerful tool for the artists and designers, its use for interaction design prototyping and development of interactive installations. We will also explore technical details behind various artworks build with VVVV.

To participate to the workshop no programming knowledge is required. To participate please mail to with the subject “VVVV workshop”.

The VVVV workshop is part of Global Gateway Project activities and is funded by EU and Beneficiary of the program is Istanbul 2010 European Capital of culture.


Perceivable Bodies: Workshop for innovative video technologies in performance
Frieder Weiss
13 Kasım 2010, 12:00-18:00,
Sanat Limanı

The workshop gives a practical introduction into artistic uses of video motion sensing technologies. Frieder Weiss develops his own software for stage use, which mostly uses video cameras to analyse and visualize the movement of the dancers.  

The workshop will introduce Eyecon and Kalypso software. Eyecon links physical movement spaces with computer generated sound environments. By drawing virtual zones on screen you enable the mapping of human movement to real time sound and visual media. Kalypso software allows visual effects based on body outlines; similar to what was created for Chunky Move's Glow.  

In the workshop participants will be able to understand and learn the basics of the software, set up a customized interactive environment and get a chance to move and try out the experience. Experienced computer users are invited to attach systems which they are using: we will be able to interface to systems like MaxMsp, Flash, Isadora etc.  

A discussion about artistic implications and results will round up the workshop.

Limited to 15 participants.
To participate to the workshop no programming knowledge is required. To participate please mail to with the subject “Perceivable Bodies workshop”

Network Mapping and Analysis Workshop
Burak Arıkan
6,7 November 2010, 13:00 17:00 Sanat Limanı

Two day workshop focusing on the design and understanding of complex networks through mapping and visual analysis. Starting from simple exercises participants gradually build complex compositions. Emphasis on network topology in the city, urban dynamics, and information design. Participants learn the most through observing, sketching, and participating in the discussions.

PART I: Network Theory and Basic Network Properties
Oct 6th

PART II: Centralization & Clustering
Oct 7th


Open Walls Junior Workshop
Akrilonumeric Collective
6 November 2010, 12:00-17:00 Sanat Limanı

In this workshop we will present “The Open Wall Junior”, an unique networked installation, based on the original drawing and animation software LopARTHDTouch connected between Istanbul 2010 and Ruhr 2010. This installation will allow the artists and the public to create in real time, common artworks beyond geographic linguistic and cultural barriers.

This workshop will be an invitation to the specific moments called “Cross Bridge” that will showcase artists creating a shared work on a common theme.